While new construction usually attracts the most attention, insiders know that renovation of existing space provides perhaps the greatest challenge to a builder's creativity and expertise.
ETC Companies has extensive experience in renovating commercial and residential properties, both new and old. ETC's construction expertise ensures smooth, timely completion of a project—even when facing the challenge of fast-track construction.
ETC Companies examines existing infrastructure for re-use, versus a simple “rip-out and replace” approach.  Plus, close coordination with owners and tenants ensures quick turnaround, minimizing interruption of operation and the related loss of revenue.
Residential Renovation
Multi-Unit Renovation/rehabilitation:
Exterior modifications
Total rehabilitation
Major interior rehabilitation (occupied or vacant units)
Commercial Renovation
Tenant fit-ups (office, retail, industrial)
Adaptation for new commercial use
Interior retail renovation
Exterior renovation
Specialty construction

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